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Custom development

Custom software development is the process of designing, building, integrating, scaling, and upgrading software solutions to address the pressing needs or achieve objectives of your specific business.

We spend a significant amount of time scrutinizing your business needs and transforming them into live products. Also, with a large network of consultants, we are able to engage technology leaders in a specific area to enhance strategy and support.

Business Optimization

Automation is always the ultimate solution. Sometimes business owners do not think about how much time may be spent on routine processes in the company, such as invoicing, document management, repetitive actions.

Getting rid of unnecessary routine can not only help to save your budget, but also make your company more competitive in terms of working environment and level of staff satisfaction.

Product Audit

DataMix provides a highly focused technical audit of your product realization. Our technical audit team can test your processes, the product and its performance against technical requirements, industry standards, internal standards and designs.

As a result we recommend ways to improve the tech side of your product based on our expertise. We helped some of our Partners to rebuild or improve their apps within very strict deadlines. It helped them to make their customers and investors happy. Feel free to address us to do the same.

Legacy Application Modernization

The legacy applications may have known roadblocks in success of business such as, monolithic architecture, lengthy code, unstructured database, limitations in scalability, etc. Our application modernization services will remove these hurdles by implementing event-driven frameworks, lightweight coding, user friendly frontend and hybrid or structured database.

Yes. That is that easy.

R&D offices creation

In order to create and explore new opportunities, our Team constantly investigates new technologies and has to experiment with different product areas. Similarly, we have developed two internal MVPs and established a separate business unit, which deals exclusively with ML and AI projects.

We are ready to share our experience and gather the most competent team for you, both from the technical and desire to learn and develop point of view.

Quality Assurance

With multidisciplinary QA capabilities at hand, we make sure the solutions built by our team or 3rd-party vendor function as expected, are convenient to use, and scale flexibly along with your business.

We have custom processes for testing web applications or ML and AI solutions.

Application Security

Web applications capture and hold sensitive corporate and customer data. However, they are highly vulnerable – 80% of cyberattacks occur at the application layer. Until recently applications were viewed as low risk because they were largely internal, so securing the infrastructure was the priority instead. But applications are now open to the world. The pressure to release quickly, the security checks needed to manage applications and systems in depth are often incomplete.

If you think your application needs to be checked, then maybe you feel it right. Our Team is ready to provide you with a 360 security check report.


Our vision is to be the go-to product development team for our Partners using the most effective and up-to-date technologies, programming languages and approaches. As a technology advisor, we always put ourselves in our Partner’s shoes and recommend only those scenarios that help to achieve business goals in terms of both monetization and scalability. We sincerely believe that the product should be top-notch from day one.


Our mission is to reshape the values of the global outsourcing services market. Our Team is confident that transparency in negotiations, relevant experience and expertise of our technology leaders, empathy, mutual respect and trust are the future performance indicators of any company, no not less important than financial results. Here at DataMix we live by these values as a number one priority for our customers in the software development market.

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