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Basic website audit to improve the digital side of your business: recommended by digital marketing companies

If you ever wondered to examine your webpage on traffic performance, then website audit is the right thing to do. Indeed, after some improvements with SEO optimization and website redesign, you receive more traffic and more clients. But what it means “website audit”? This article will help you to navigate through this complicated topic.

Auditing means not only checking on SEO

DataMix, digital marketing company, Digital Advertising, Digital Strategy, GoogleAds, SEO

Let’s start with some basic steps that digital marketing companies follow to make your website a little better. First of all, they all start from the navigation. User experience depends on how users can intuitively and easily understand where to look for specific things. That’s why having a well-designed navigation system is important. Even if you consider your webpage as user-friendly that does not always true. People should easily run through your online offers and find whatever they want. Indeed, testing your webpage on the navigation performance can guarantee first successes.

A little bit of IT technical interference

DataMix, digital marketing company, Digital Advertising, Digital Strategy, GoogleAds, SEO

Have you ever experienced slow response time while opening webpages? Of course, you have. It is so-called Page Speed Optimization which significantly affects user experience, conversion rates, SEO rankings, and some other factors. Site speed can be affected when picture records are excessively enormous or HTML and CSS should be tidied up, or because of some other issues (e.g. too large files). Reasons can be very different, anyway, you can check your website speed using Google PageSpeed Insight. Experienced people identify the reasons for slow response time by following traditional steps which usually occur these days. Basically speaking, site speed affects your traffic, visitor engagement, and overall conversion significantly because no one likes slow technologies in the 21st century. Following, while checking and improving the speed, digital marketing companies work on robots.txt file, sitemap, HTTPS encryption, and other important technical factors that affect the speed. After all, technical revision improves the results!

Next step that digital marketers recommend doing concerns mobile-friendliness

Surprisingly, but the majority of people browse webpages via mobile devices. So, paying attention to this site is critical. You can have a well-developed desktop page but, meanwhile, having poor designed mobile version can significantly reduce traffic. Consequently, the best advertising solutions, GoogleAds, recommends to always improve both versions and basic audit includes this as well.

The list of technical website audit can be endless. However, here are some more things to consider:

DataMix, digital marketing company, Digital Advertising, Digital Strategy, GoogleAds, SEO

• Decrease the number of redirects
While developing your website, you’ve probably moved, deleted, and created a lot of pages. Be careful with that since it usually leads to creating redirects. It happens because of the increasing number of HTTP requests, so users experience slow speed. Yet, experts recommend just to delete these useless (in many cases) redirects.
• Learn about canonical URL
Sometimes happens, when certain content has different URL’s, so search engines consider it as absolutely different pages. Consequently, having a canonical URL means telling these search engines not to be misplaced. This solves a very important problem for pages that have several similar versions, so engines get lost.
“Orphan” pages
This is a popular Google recommendation. Well, in a nutshell, Orphan pages are those that aren’t part of your internal link structure. You can easily find them via Digital Media software’s and better just to delete them (or redirect if you want so).
Check for Error Messages
Broken pages and links lead to bad user experience. Indeed, experts in the digital industry suggest not only to fix these errors but, more importantly, to prevent them in the future.
Lead Generation and Conversions
Your webpage has to be optimized in such a way that it keeps visitors engaged all the time. Their journey on your pages must be easy and involve them to buy something. So, correct marketing offer and CTA’s are also playing some role.

SEO assessment

Whether it’s “about us” brief or blog publications, your content must be high-quality. On many digital marketing blogs, you may find hundreds of SEO best practices. Starting from grammatical mistakes and finishing by informative text. Nevertheless, your company must have a person who writes perfectly and understands your business. This person will improve blog publications, posts on social media, and, for sure, “about us” page. Until you have a relevant writer in your office, feel free to ask digital media agencies to help you with that. Finally, well-known “SEO best practices” also suggest using keywords, right titles, meta descriptions, and many other creative techniques.

Summarizing everything above, this list can and must be continued. A website audit is very dedicated and professional expertise which has to be done. The top suggestion of this article? Just do the website audit with experts!

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