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Digital marketing and big data

Welcome to the blog of DataMix company. DataMix offers full cycle development and digital advertising solutions. The article on “Digital marketing and big data tools” describes Top-3 big data tools that marketers implement these days.

It is separated into three parts. The first part includes the introduction and the description of web-scraping technology. The second and third part will be available the following week. It is written in order to highlight the importance of digitalization and summarize the influence of big data on the marketing industry. Enjoy your reading! 

Insights like a blood for marketing in 2019

The rapid digitalization of marketing industry opens dozens of modern possibilities for marketers. In some cases, those possibilities are key necessities. Just as an example, data collecting technologies are rather a necessity within the marketing departments, since such expertise brings to the company crucial insights that can possibly create a competitive advantage.

The long story short. Digital marketing demands insights, as much as experienced specialists who actually make the digital marketing campaign successful. The causal relationship is simple. The company requires some piece of information to make a strategic, operational, or tactical planning a little bit more efficient. The best outcome is profound knowledge about up-to-date prices, socio-demographical data on consumers, or any other relevant insight. But what do successful digital marketing companies practically do with these valuable insights? Well, there are many options. But some of them are the most desirable and popular ones. 

Top-3 Big Data tools in 2019. Web-scraping. 

Web-scraping. This is the process of importing information from a website into a spreadsheet or local file saved on your computer. It’s one of the most efficient ways to get data from the web. That kind of data collection brings to the company many extraneous but easy to gather information. It is usually implemented in E-commerce for following price tendencies, getting public profiles of Internet users, and tagging converting products for advertising needs.

So, again, these insights are usually unstructured and might bring you many biased results. But that technique is freely available and, moreover, have the potential to be modernized by AI technologies. There are many algorithmically based tools that make quick decisions and do not require subsequent technologies. How would you measure the importance to implement it, if you own an E-based shop? Well, probably this is something between very important and crucial. Why? Because having insights about up-to-date prices of your competitors might give you a chance to compete on that and follow the market trends. 

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The picture shows possible data to be collected

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In the upcoming two parts will be discussed GPS offering and personal pricing tools. 

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