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Digital marketing and big data: Pt.2

Welcome to the blog of DataMix company. DataMix offers full cycle development and digital advertising solutions. The article on “Digital marketing and big data tools” describes Top-3 big data tools that marketers implement these days.

It is separated into three parts. The first part includes the introduction and the description of web-scraping technology. This part will describe GPS targeting. The final part will be available soon. It is written in order to highlight the importance of digitalization and summarize the influence of big data in the marketing industry. Enjoy your reading!

GPS targeting: a new digital strategy

Mobile Location Targeting enables giant companies to reach consumers using data collected from their GPS, applications, linked Wi-Fi networks and inferred IP addresses from the mobile carrier based on their particular latitude/longitude location. Users usually provide companies with location data by accepting agreements which pop-up on the screen. A brief story short. Shop owners frequently give a Free Wi-Fi, so then many side walkers automatically connect to the network but do not visit the actual shop. It frequently happens next to the bus stations, at the shopping malls, or in any other public place with some traffic of people. What if you study who is connecting day by day to your network? Well, even if you do that, it would not bring a desirable result. It is very complicated task. Only companies like Google and Facebook can gather data from such channels and generate insights for their ads.

Anyway, marketers are happy to use Google ads or Facebook Ads since they have the most sophisticated GPS insights. There are many obvious benefits for digital marketing companies to use GPS data for targeting. First of all, it is about the effective engagement of people within your area. Secondly, it advances the results of your campaign.

DataMix, digital marketing company, Digital Advertising, Digital Media

This is an era of opportunities for digital marketing companies …

For sure, there are many other ways to implement GPS insights. For example, Google uses “historical targeting” which enables them to understand people’s past behavior and gain important knowledge. Understanding the past can help in forecasting future actions (learning habits, etc.). Such a digital campaign which will include GPS data could open new horizons in digital strategy planning and understanding personified targeting. It is an essential part of understanding the profile of your client. Moreover, people are more likely to respond to that kind of offer because it is relevant, unique, and personified. Meanwhile, marketers can study GPS targeting (without Google Ads or Facebook Ads support) via geo-fencing, geo-conquesting, and geo-aware ads. Indeed, the easiest way to learn more about it is through Google Ads. They practice and strongly recommend it for all local commercial stores.

Hope it was interesting enough! In case you missed our previous article on web-scraping technology in marketing, visit our blog:
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Stay tuned, next part coming soon!

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