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How IT companies in Ukraine help those who need it

Nowadays more and more companies do some charity work within their possibilities. Usually, companies join charity organizations to donate them funds or they organize some volunteering initiatives by themselves. There are many options for how companies can help to those who need, more importantly, is to focus the attention on “why” reasons. Because being philanthropic doesn’t automatically mean having a positive perception of clients. Volunteering is more about creating true values between the team members and leaving a memorable experience for people in the team and people who need your help.

Corporate Social Responsibility

web development company, DataMix, digital marketing company

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is widely known among the best Western companies. Indeed, Western society strives to care about the impact which the company creates for the society, economy, and environment. It’s not only about the image of a company, but CSR also stands for building an ecosystem of different activities which create positive emotions while hearing about a certain company. For example, being socially responsible means volunteering, engaging team members to contribute, and highlighting values in the company. Why would a company do so? There are three main reasons:

·     To demonstrate the society their respect and loyalty in terms of ethical principles

·     To build trust on a long-term run

·     To be more than just a money-making organization

Generally speaking, CSR is a very broad topic since it touches morale, values, and hidden humans emotions. Nevertheless, if a certain company desires to build a progressive and true brand then paying attention to CSR is a good idea. Sustainability in the business world must always include remembering about communitys welfare.

web development company, DataMix, digital marketing company

Here is a demonstrative example. Datamix is a Ukrainian well-known web development and digital advertising company which operates internationally for the last 2 years. Their CSR values within the team are proven by the charity activities for children with cancer in Ukraine via the Tabletochki charity fund. Such kind of cooperation between businesses and society is a big destination of today’s world. DataMix in such a way shows their best human values. Undoubtedly, the CSR family contains the numerous number of big and small companies that make different actions to help those who need our assistance.

Why DataMix chose to cooperate with Tabletochki

Tabletochki is the biggest and most transparent fund in Ukraine. They have a great mission to help children with cancer in Ukraine. Moreover, they organized a unique and fast way of donating resources to the organization, so DataMix joined the initiative from the very beginning. DataMix and Tabletochki encourage people to participate in this bright assist.

To join the charity initiative, please use the following link:

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