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How to find the right web development company for your next project?

Nowadays all entrepreneurs must have websites. This is essential in the digitalized era. But not all of them are technically skilled to understand what they need and how to find the right web development company. That’s fine. Certainly, you just need to navigate around the web development industry and have some little understanding of basic things. So, this article will be helpful for those who need to hire a web development company without much experience with the IT field.

Study different types of websites within your web development company

DataMix, web development company, IT consultancy company, Digital Advertising

To begin you just need to determine what kind of website you want to have. There are several types of them. They differentiate in terms of functionality and infrastructure. Here is the list of most-common website types with a short description below:

Landing page or Multipage Website. This is the simplest website you can have. It has a very limited scope of functionality and usually used for online presence only. People develop brochure websites if they have small businesses that do not have to be digitalized.

eCommerce website. As you may have already guessed, this website allows selling your products and/or services through the webpage. It has complicated functionality and requires UI/UX to be perfect to optimize CR%. Entrepreneurs who ask for eCommerce websites have to be ready to spend a middle+ budget on web development services and ongoing support.

Community building website. These websites build online communities of people who want to interact with other people socially or meet people who share their interests. The best-known website of this type is probably FaceBook.

Informational website. The most demonstrative example is Wikipedia. So, if your business requires sharing a lot of information, feel free to choose this type. You could create a website that lists important articles, posts, and other writings about the business, enabling users to interact.

Certainly, web development companies can also offer you other types of websites to be developed: CRM, ERP, Wiki, Social Media or other website types.

Once you’ve studied different types of websites and their features, have a call with a random web development company. They will listen to your needs and will prepare an offer for you with a detailed description of your project, team of delivery, services to e-provided with timeline and budget.

Hire your web development company

DataMix, web development company, IT consultancy company, Digital Advertising

It’s sometimes stressful if you’re not an expert in IT. You’ll probably be confused with the technical language people use in these companies. But you do not need to be an expert. What you need is called “full-cycle web development”, it means the company you’re interested in can do the work from A to Z and deliver project from prototypes to the product launch. It’s very convenient. Feel free to ask for UI/UX designers, front-end and back-end developers, project managers and their CV’s. All the professional web development companies must be friendly and responsive to clients who ask for that kind of information. You can check their portfolio and ask for references. This will help you to learn more about their transparency and proficiency. In a nutshell, here is a helpful list that you should want to ask before hiring an IT company:
• Ask about the full-cycle development opportunity;
• Request a portfolio;
• Ask for references;
• Ask how do they organize, manage, and plan the process of development;
• Ask for the CVs of developers;
• Pay your attention to their responsiveness!

That kind of control under the details will help you to select the best web development company! But this is not the end…

Consider having an outsource development

DataMix, web development company, IT consultancy company, Digital Advertising

It’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are saving costs. Outsourcing is ordering your web development project. The flow is simple. You hire a software development company in the country like Ukraine. They define all requirements and project details, then you negotiate about time expectations, budget and how the work process will be tracked. Finally, a team of developers delivers you completed tasks or the product itself. In such a way you can save a sufficient amount of money and time meanwhile having a great outcome! So, just study this opportunity and search for the best IT outsourcing Ukraine companies.

Ongoing support and digital advertising

Once you’ve chosen what kind of website you want to have and selected (e.g. outsource) web development team, you should ask for the following questions.

First of all, ask your team of developers to have access to the documentation tool and tasks planning tool. Having such control is always a good idea.

Next, you should consider having digital advertising for your new website after the launch. Typically, professional companies have a separate digital marketing department and experienced marketers in the team. They can help to develop the marketing strategy and promote your product after it’ll be launched. The result is very effective because the team already understand your product and can create a successful digital strategy and marketing plan. Anyway, it’s better to trust them (if you are satisfied with the development outcomes) rather than looking for another marketing company.

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