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Most popular AI tools for web development companies (2019 update)

In this article, you can find top best well-known and recognized by experts AI tools for developers. Indeed, this list includes tools both for beginners and professionals. Anyway, it is always useful to follow AI trends. Understanding which software to use might imply the distinction between constructing an AI algorithm that works entirely. This article will help you to navigate throughout the field of software development companies and their technologies. 

  • Google ML Kit

    The ML Kit allows developers to create custom features on Android and IOS devices, plus it is widely used for web apps. To make it simple to use these models, ML Kit functions as an API layer for custom designs. Withing ML Kit you can try Object Detection and Tracking API. For example, it helps in real-time to search for visual objects. You only need to take a picture and the technology will find an object online. The initial idea of Google was to develop such a tool which would suit not only to professionals but understandable for all users. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable with developing, or you work with IT consultancy company, MK Kit provides ready-to-use API with a wide range of features. In a nutshell, Google put numerous of features and easy-to-use technologies to make it understandable and fun.
  • Infosys Nia

    This application gathers and brings together data about people, business processes, and legacy systems in an autopilot knowledge base. Interesting, right? Many developers within DataMix also choose Azure ML Studio since these two tools are a very similar one to another. However, Infosys aims to tackle difficult business tasks such as forecasting income and what products need to be built, understanding customer behavior and more. They position themselves as optimizers of complicated business processes. As an example, you can add Nia Chatbot (AI-based) which will respond to consumers and support all communication processes. Generally speaking, Infosys solves many operational problems via AI technologies and it makes them very innovative and unique.
  • H2O

    H2O is an open-source software for large-data assessment. It was designed by and written in Java, Python and R’s programming languages. By the way, many students within IT majors report they love working with this software because it is easy in use. To facilitate the application of predictive analytics to designers, the platform is built with the language they are familiar with. What it can do? Literally, everything connected to data gathering and analyzing. People share their experience with H2O as a simple (for experienced) tool which can gather even truly large numbers of data from Stock Exchanges and help to analyze it correctly. This is amazing software for data enthusiasts!
  • Accord.NET Framework

    This is a machine learning framework combined with audio and image processing libraries. Justly, coders who are good in statistics love this technology. Consequently, IT outsourcing companies work with that kind of ML tools for face recognition, linear and logistic regression analysis, image stitching, and for many other purposes. In addition, the framework is friendly to developers to build business-use applications such as pattern recognition, computer vision, computer audition, and signal processing. All in all, Accord.Net combines many useful features in one software.

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