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Own CRM system for your business: must-know information before hiring a web development company

What can a custom CRM do for your business? What are the benefits of tailor-made CRM over the traditional one? How many types of CRM systems exist? These and other questions are spreading through IT-blogs and these subjects will be addressed in the following article. 

Before hiring developers, think about the purpose of your CRM

DataMix, web development company, IT consultancy company, Software Development Company

Let’s begin with identifying the most common types of CRM systems. Basically speaking, Customer Relationship Management software aims to improve business processes within the organization. It means CRM could potentially be useful for any department at any level for various purposes, you only need to ask a software development company to develop such a product. Nevertheless, there are some most common types:

  1. Operational. This CRM focuses on solving complex marketing problems or, for some purposes, makes sales department workflow automated and optimized. Generally speaking, it depends upon a request but usually, people want to have automated marketing processes, optimized sales, or upgrade some other operational processes. In such a way, it helps organizations to structure multilayered activities to make them systematized and stress-free.   

  2. Analytical. Within this CRM you can get real-time data, analytics, and insights about your internal processes and customer behavior. Essentially, analytical CRM’s are able to gather and analyze large amounts of data. For example, you can analyze the data and make forecasts for different business indicators within such CRM. Moreover, you can also connect the analysis of external sources that influence the market and train neural networks on this data and internal data to predict business-relevant indicators.

  3. Collaborative. These types of CRM’s are designed to synchronize communication and encourage better teamwork. Simply speaking, they are usually made for collective discussions, data sharing and networking between team members and/or customers. 

Summing up, here is a question for you! Do you want to have a CRM with a single marketing module, sales module, logistics, or you want it be integrated with several interconnected modules? This is a first and important step, to understand what organizational process you want to improve. 

Ask your IT consultancy company about the following features within your CRM

DataMix, web development company, IT consultancy company, Software Development Company

There are some significant functionalities that you might want to see in your own CRM:

  • Account and lead management

This is something fundamental for any CRM. Managing customer profiles, developing a pipeline for the sales department, and grouping clients within your software is a must-have. Such a feature in your CRM will help you in understanding clients generations and forecast financial outcomes.

  • Data sharing

While developing your own CRM, feel free to add data sharing functionality. It allows quick and centralized communication within departments. Moreover, the system will store all data, so you can always check who’s been working on what.

  • Advanced help desk

Help your customer support department to perform more effective work. This feature will allow centralizing all the requests from different channels, therefore allowing support agents to organize their work better. Moreover, such a CRM can prioritize requests which put significant concerns first. 

Well, it’s obvious there are many other useful functionalities. For example, having integration with the stock management system, accounting system, analytical tools or social media will allow to centralize all needed data in one place and manage it properly. Anyway, all these technologies can be designed dup to your business needs, web development companies must be happy to consult you for any concerns. 

Finally, we’ve slightly moved to the most important question: What is actually the benefit of a personal CRM system developed by an IT company? 

DataMix, web development company, IT consultancy company, Software Development Company

The long story short. Let’s discuss a few pros. Personal CRM means tailor-made software. Would you like to synchronize report management process, but leave alone sales department? Or, you want to improve some marketing solutions, meanwhile, systemize the communication between departments? You can do it! Just talk to your IT consultancy company and personalize your requests. Yet, many people say it can be expensive but don’t you think that paying monthly fees for ready-made platforms a better choice? So, as you’ve already realized, having costume solutions is sometimes a better choice. Moreover, you can use CRM as a base to build additional applications for different departments. These and other advantages are undoubtedly and you only pay for web development services but not as monthly payments. 

Summing up all important information…

  1. Decide about the purpose of your CRM 
  2. Study all useful feature that you want to have 
  3. Consult with developers to make it convenient for your business

Remember! Only well-built CRM by professional IT company can double the effectiveness and productivity in your organization. 

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