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TOP-3 Networking tips from digital marketing companies

Networking is a soft skill which is very connected to your emotional intelligence. Such things are always discussed among philosophers, businessman’s, and studs because networking breaks the walls and opens incredible horizons. Indeed, you can’t describe in details any soft skills since they are usually very abstract. But you can find some patterns and study from other people.

To prepare a digital strategy you need hard skills, to communicate with investors you need soft skills

While networking studs can negotiate on high-level employment. Businessmen can make global deals with, let’s say, digital marketing companies to develop their webpages. Politicians network daily to gain powerful connections. So, what is networking? Well, first and foremost, this is your emotional skill. In the 21st century, you have to have soft talents which allow you to start the communication with unknown people. Then networking is about active listening, asking the right questions, and emerging the dialogue into the useful thing. After all, there are no special courses that can help you in developing networking skills. You can read some tips, see how other people do it, and, most importantly, practice networking outside your comfort zone! The following article summarizes some universe networking tips and cases.

1. Actively listen

DataMix, digital marketing company, Digital Advertising, Digital Strategy

Whether it’s a special networking event or a typical business conference, you need to actively listen! What does that mean? First, it requires your concentration and understanding of the message sent to you. Second, you have to properly respond with the right emotions, posture, or relevant questions. Finally, summarizing what has been said to you is also a good idea because it will show that you remembered important info. If you do actively listen, it will give very positive feedback about your attitudes to other people. While actively listen, you develop the communication and show to the sender that you respect him/her. This is one of the most important networking guidelines

2. Be yourself, don’t act like annoying Digital Ads

DataMix, digital marketing company, Digital Advertising, Digital Strategy

Here is a case study for you. If you attend a special networking event, do not try to “sell yourself” or your product/service. During networking events or random events by Web Development Companies, people build connections only. The desire to sell something is natural but better to ask for contact and do it on the next day. Moreover, being energetic and friendly brings you more chances to get a strong and true connection with someone you want. Because usually, people don’t trust sellers, they rather trust people’s true emotions and energy which comes from you. After all, feel free to ask for a phone number or email and sell whatever you want on the next day.

3. Ask the right questions

DataMix, digital marketing company, Digital Advertising, Digital Strategy

This is super important. Asking smart and short questions sometimes makes you look brighter than telling a long story. If you asked the right question, it means that you’ve been listening before. Now you see that it is all connected. While networking, your emotional brain must work. Furthermore, such soft skills are more important nowadays than a hard one. If you want to study the subject of soft skills and emotional intelligence, you shall read the most recommended book by marketers, called “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman. You will discover what soft skills mean and even understand how digital advertising techniques play with your emotions.

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