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Top Web Design Blogs

Interested in HTML & CSS development or latest web design trends? Or maybe you look for some freebies? Have a look at this ultimate collection of web design blogs then.

1. Full of infographics and free resources, this site will tell you not only the secrets of web design but also will introduce you to the basics of landing page optimization and provide the brightest examples of marketing solutions

2. Web design paradize. Searching for fonts or icons? Need info about UI or simply a flash of inspiration? You’ll get it here

3. Almost 20 year history of A List Apart make their advice priceless. The website brings together the best web design and web development practices and solutions

4. Tina Roth Eisenberg, Swiss Miss, offers you her vision of graphic design and UI. Definitely worth checking

5. Watch out! You may stuck here for hours discovering UX, WordPress and graphic tools tips and tricks

6. To catch up with the latest trends you have to read this blog. And, imho, the best part of it is illustration and graphic design tutorials

7. How can you benefit from Photoshop, animation, visual effects? All these topics are highlighted here. And even more!

8. We all like freebies, don’t we? So here you are. And also tutorials for both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, tips for WP themes and plugins, and also lots of advice about responsive design

9. This taxi will bring you to the world of high content on web design, graphic design, It’s also a rare occasion to read posts about redesign

10. Codrops focuses on the recent web design techniques. Both articles and tutorials are available here free of charge

11. You can really trust them as they gather the latest news about design, photography, and technology. It’s your way to keep your finger on the pulse

12. Design Shack started in 2003, and since that time it’s provided its readers with “inspiring examples of design, alongside resources and articles that teach you how to succeed in the same way”. HTML, CSS, navigation and layouts can be found here

13. Amazing web design blog about stylish strategies designers can use for inspiration and practise

14. Chris Spooner founded this blog to share resources and tutorials for you are welcome to use to master design

15. With 10+ years of experience this web resource will surely provide you with true gems in web design industry. You can create your own unique style with the help of their time-saving and simple techniques

16. Self-development is your ultimate goal? Then we’ve found a really nice platform for your education. Broaden your knowledge of web design (and also game development and programming languages) here for free

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