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Our vision is to be the go-to product development team for our Partners using the most effective and up-to-date technologies, programming languages and approaches. As a technology advisor, we always put ourselves in our Partner’s shoes and recommend only those scenarios that help to achieve business goals in terms of both monetization and scalability. We sincerely believe that the product should be top-notch from day one.

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DataMix and Children with cancer in Ukraine

In DataMix we do care and protect the welfares of children with cancer in Ukraine. Our team cooperates with Tabletochki International Charity Fund, the most transparent and well-known fund in Ukraine. DataMix encourages its clients, partners, and all active people to join our charity initiative.

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DataMix is independently recognized as the company where talented and hardworking people can fully realize their potential, and even go beyond what they think they can achieve. And yes, we’re hiring — please have a look at our open positions, and let’s get it started!